Public affairs

To foster ethics and quality in the scientific cooperation between the European Union and Latin America energy research infrastructures and to transfer the results of that cooperation to the main stakeholders involved (policy makers, researchers, enterprises…).

WP3: Coordination, management, exploitation and dissemination

Expected results


To foster internal project coordination and external dissemination.


To propose policy recommendations and guidelines on how to carry out a clean, sustainable and just energy transition destinated to be transferred to Latin-American and European policymakers.


To elaborate and implement smart specialization strategies for energy transition based on the knowledge generated during the project


Kick-off and final internal meetings


International event


Quality, monitoring and evaluation




Smart Specialization Strategies


Political recommendations and guidelines

More about Energytran

Technological pillar

European Union needs to modernize the energy networks to support energy system integration and to incorporate other decarbonized and low-emission energy carriers, such as renewable hydrogen and lithium technologies (inline with the Paris Agreement).

Sustainable pillar

Climate change is not just an environmental problem, but also an economic, political, social and security one. The energy transition needs to be a green transition. Energy transition is a path born from different scenarios. One of the most notable causes is climate change; therefore, any step in favor of energy transition cannot be taken to the detriment of the Earth. Despite this, there are several processes of that transition that highly impact environments.

Social pillar

The just transition is the third pillar that characterizes this project. It is based in the importance of comparatively systematizing lithium, green hydrogen and renewable energy policies to ensure that a policy guided by principles of just transition is being produced in the countries in the consortium, both for local communities and for the country as a whole in terms of trade and development opportunities.