D3.11 Quality assurance plan

The main objectives of the Quality Assurance Plan (QP) are:  

  • First, it acts as a reference source for all EULAC-ENERGYTRAN consortium members, covering many of the day-to-day activities and providing links to further information where required.  
  • Secondly, it aims to standardize various procedures and elements of the project (e.g. project reports, deliverable submission etc.), to ensure a smooth implementation and in-time completion of the activities foreseen.  

The QP provides an overview of the management structure and also the roles and responsibilities of the partners and defines the procedures for progress monitoring, quality assurance as well as risk and project management. Compliance with the QP is obligatory for all partners of the EULAC-ENERGYTRAN project. The QP complements and does not replace the Grant Agreement (GA) signed with the European Commission (EC), including its Annexes as well as the Consortium Agreement (CA) and the Project Management Handbook of the EULAC-ENERGYTRAN project. 

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